Oh! Organic Head Hairbrush Daniel Galvin Jr

British Beauty Blogger

Oh! Organic Head Hairbrush If I was to list my most used beauty items, this hair brush would come up right at the very top. First. I use it every single day and have just ordered two more because I don’t ever want to be without one. It’s really hard to translate into words what this very ordinary looking brush …

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Choosing the Right Electronic Visit Verification Solution for Your Home Care Agency

Jan3 Choosing the Right Electronic Visit Verification Solution for Your Home Care Agency By John Cunningham, marketing and sales director, myGeoTracking. John Cunningham On December 2016, the 21st Century CURES Act was signed into law, resulting in new regulations for the home health industry. The CURES Act mandates the use of electronic visit verification, or EVV, for all Medicaid-funded personal …

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How to Get Fitness Inspiration on Social Media & Fitness Celebrities on Instagram

Most of us enjoy scrolling through Instagram in our spare time, and you can find a lot of high quality fitness inspiration if you are following the right accounts. Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour appeared on the Jam to discuss how best to use social media for inspiration and a few celebrities she recommends …

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Why So Many Women Travel to Denmark for Fertility Treatments

Holly Ryan knows the biological father of her children has two sisters, is a Coldplay fan, and doesn’t like eating chicken in pasta dishes. She knows his mother is a nurse and his father is a policeman, and that his aunt has green eyes and curly hair. She even has a photo of him as a child, and an audio …

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Pregnancy and Bump Update, Maternity Leave+Favs

Simply Real Health Pregnancy Update

Note: Welp. After spending a few weeks on this post, I was putting the finishing touches on it on a Monday night, when my contractions started coming on strong. I ended up going into labor, tapping here on this little keyboard, trying to frantically get this post done before he came. But the little guy had other plans. So, I’m …

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Is ePrescribing a Niche Worth Moving Into?

Dmitry Garbar

Jan3 Is ePrescribing a Niche Worth Moving Into? By Dmitry Garbar, partner, Belitsoft. Dmitry Garbar Errors in prescription can happen for various reasons, like pharmacists’ incompetence, miscommunication between clinicians or doctor’s bad handwriting. Among medication errors, prescription inaccuracy is one of the major causes of concern for healthcare professionals. Today’s most effective technological solution is to implement an electronic prescribing system. With …

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Ardell Deluxe Pack Wispies Lashes In Black Review

Lash name: Ardell Natural Lash – Black 120: Price: $5.99Can Last Up to? 24 months if preserved properly What You Get: 2 pairs of lashes Demin 120,  adhesive & lash applicator. Soft touch applicator included. My Experience? Ardell lashes come in a lot of elegant and bold varieties and are flexible and comfortable, but this was the first time I tried …

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