Unhealthy Eating

Fast Food Chicken Fast Food Chicken What’s in Fast Food Chicken? (Hint: It’s NOT Chicken) I came across this article and had to share it with everyone.  Im hoping after reading this you consider a healthier alternative What’s in Fast Food Chicken? (Hint: It’s NOT … Snacking Pitfalls Snacking Pitfalls The Mindless Snacker We’ve all been there. While completing mind-numbing …

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London Fitness Blog | |FafitsakeFaFitSake


As a Personal Trainer in London I spend about 10% of my time training ‘athletes’ and about 90% of my time training regular people who are also holding down demanding jobs and have numerous commitments to distract them away from their fitness training routine. Sound familiar?   Whilst we would all love to be able to spend the amount of …

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Turning 30 – Anya Belle

This time next week I’ll be on holiday (yippie!), fast forward 3 weeks & I’ll be 30 (dun dun dun!) It seems like mere moments ago I was at school turning the grand old age of 18. A birthday filled with excitement, joy (and also a full sized cardboard cutout of Jonny Wilkinson) but also tinged with the start of …

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Advice For Achieving Your 2018 Goals

achieving goals

New Year is firmly upon us, but as we enter 2018 how many of us are confident we will achieve the goals we’ve set for this year? Sparks of motivation are all well and good, and often provide the initial catalyst to think up that goal you’ve pondered on for years, but how do you maintain motivation throughout the year? …

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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Stress Eating 12WBT

Do you reach for food as comfort when you’re overtired, anxious or down right stressed? Stress eating affects all of us at one stage or another. For some, it only lasts a short while and see’s you finishing off a block of chocolate mindlessly whilst watching TV. But for others, stress eating can be quite aggressive and last for days …

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The Cobb Wedge Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

The what to cook, when it’s too hot to cook, edition #101. Those of you doing my Summer Meal Plan …continue reading > The post The Cobb Wedge Salad with Green Goddess Dressing appeared first on Simply Real Health. Source link

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Look Put Together and Polished Every Single Day

Look Put Together Every Single Day-1

You ever come across those women who always look put together? Their hair is in place, their outfit is coordinated and their makeup is flawless. It can be in the office or someone you notice on your daily commute, they always appear to have it all together. I use to wonder how they did it? I mean fine, I was …

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