Dr. Amy Shah on Childhood Allergies & Why Kids Need Dirt

Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

233: Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah &nbsp Today I’m sitting down with Dr. Amy Shah, M.D., who is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I’ve cited her work in at least a dozen articles on the blog and she’s quite simply a wealth of knowledge about all things health from …

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Sensai Total Lip Gloss | British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger

Sensai Total Lip Gloss [productsample/affiliate] Because I’m such a gloss addict, I like to think I can tell a decent one from a rubbish one. This Total Lip Gloss from Japanese brand, Sensai, is absolutely exceptional and I immediately love it. It should, by the way, be exceptional at £37 for 4.5ml. It’s not suitable for vegans as a key ingredient …

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PhenQ Side Effects | Know Whether It’s Safe for you or Not!!

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when looking for a weight loss supplement, besides efficiency, is its side effects. Yes!! Its quite obvious to think about the side effects of supplement which you’re up to use. This becomes even especial at times when you make purchase of supplement over the counter. Now, as per our assumptions, …

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What Is Telehealth? Providers Have More Options Than Ever Before

Home » Blog » Interviews » Telehealth: Providers Have More Options Than Ever Before David Craig, MD, Medical Director of Spruce Health Telehealth has been around for well over a century, but the last few years have brought a major shift in the meaning of the term. Now thanks to new technologies, HIPAA-compliant programs and apps, and forward-thinking companies like …

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On Starting a Business & Creating An Inspiring Life (PART 5): TAKE THE QUIZ: 22 Ways To Tell If Starting A Creative Business Right For You

NOTE: B-School is now closed for the year. This is probably the longest post I have ever, ever written, so I turned into a little  series. On starting, creating and building this little business known as Simply Real Health. The real, un-edited version. Haven’t caught up yet? Start here, with Part 1 right here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here , and Part 4 …

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The Best Meals To Fuel Your Dance Cardio Workout l 12WBT 12WBT

With training for Dancing with the Stars, I’ve learnt first hand that, as a dancer, you need to fuel your body as you would if you were doing any sort of athletic training. With that in mind, fuelling your body when you dance is imperative to feel good, avoid injury and maintain energy. Meals based on carbohydrates are excellent – …

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