Doctor-Patient Relationship Building: 4 New Technologies

woman texting in subway

Relationship building has always been an essential part of the doctor-patient dynamic. Today, however, patients hope the doctor-patient relationship will become increasingly digital. Of course, it’s just as important to meet in person as it always was. But for patients (and potential patients) with busy lives, it’s a good idea to have multiple touchpoints. And what better way to do …

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Technology and the Evolution of Care

Michael Blackman

Aug 222019 Technology and the Evolution of Care By Dr. Michael Blackman, medical director, population health and analytics, Allscripts. Dr. Michael Blackman As healthcare delivery continues to evolve, healthcare technology needs to be there to support it. But, how will technology facilitate healthcare as we move forward? Healthcare accessibility, especially for certain populations, continues to be problematic. The expansion of …

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Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Hydrators

British Beauty Blogger

[samples/affiliate/priorADrelationship] I see, as you know, a lot of brands and there are a just a handful that I could say I feel actually ‘fond’ of. Origins is one such brand because I’ve always had good experiences with both products and behind the scenes. It’s like how all ELC brands used to be before they started copying L’Oreal marketing strategies …

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Social Media for Healthcare: It’s Great for Business!

patient in hospital bed with phone

How many times have you been walking along and nearly collided with someone staring at their phone? Many people are clearly absorbed with their mobile devices. And the majority of that time is spent on apps—like Facebook and Instagram. So can healthcare providers reach these same people through social media, where their attention is so heavily concentrated? Mobile Now Rules …

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The Best Natural Beauty and Clean Skincare Swaps (Part 1)

Okay, here’s the deal. You guys have asked me about this topic for SO freaking long… and every time I get a question about it, I find myself with SO MUCH much to say on it, that it never seems to fit in a quick IG post or reply.  So, finally (in between baby feeds, meetings and the 2nd cookbook …

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6 Qualities All Healthcare Disruptors Have in Common

doctors talking like healthcare disruptors

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is nothing like it used to be. Your patients are also consumers. They expect more from their doctors, health organizations, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals—and healthcare disruptors are taking action. Some of the long-standing players in healthcare are quickly setting themselves apart as healthcare industry disruptors, as are new players in health and wellness and …

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AMGA Endorses CMS Data-Sharing Initiatives

Aug 222019 AMGA Endorses CMS Data-Sharing Initiatives AMGA has endorsed two new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) initiatives that are designed to ensure providers have access to claims data. Expanding access to administrative claims data for providers and their patients has been a longstanding AMGA priority. The initiatives include Data at the Point of Care (DPC) and MyHealthEData. …

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