I Tried a Dog Food Delivery Service for the First Time

Ollie - fresh dog food delivery service review by pet blogger My Beauty Bunny

Fresh dog food delivery service, Ollie, is for dogs, but my cat had to have a sniff! Ollie -Fresh Pet Food Delivery Service Review When a fresh pet food delivery service called Ollie asked me if I’d like to try their product, I said heck yeah, because I knew I was going to have one happy pup on my hands! …

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March Is For Nutrition

Bariatric surgery is just a tool for achieving weight loss. To sustain it, it is important that you follow the dietary guidelines designed carefully by your healthcare providers. This dietary plan aims to provide you with well-balanced meals even if your caloric intake is restricted. Following this plan ensures that you have sufficient protein and other nutrients to aid in …

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How a Cancer Diagnosis Lead to an 8 Figure Brand with Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe, founder of Ancient Nutrition and DrAxe.com, he is a certified doctor of natural medicine (DNM), doctor of chiropractic (DC) and clinical nutritionist (CNS) with a passion to help people get healthy by empowering them to use nutrition to fuel their health. He is the bestselling author of Eat Dirt, and the upcoming KETO DIET (Feb. 2019, HBG). …

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Petite Amie Happy Mask | British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger

Petite Amie Happy Mask On the whole, I’m right off wet sheet masks these days since I discovered dry ones. I overall prefer the old style cream masks any way because they seem more effective and given that most wet sheets are such a high percentage of water, you’ll never get the same deep hydration that you do from a …

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Cancer Research Has a Data Crisis: Let’s Face It and Fix It

Carla Balch

Feb21 Cancer Research Has a Data Crisis: Let’s Face It and Fix It By Carla Balch, CEO, Transmed Systems. Carla Balch Cancer research appears to be at an inflection point as we swing toward immunotherapy. It’s a time of great promise for patients, physicians and researchers, but also of great frustration. Too often patients are unable to access treatment options that could …

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12 of our favourite low calorie snack ideas

Sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner just aren’t enough and you need snacks to get you through the day. But how do you deal with the urge to eat ALL the things when you’re trying to limit how many calories you’re consuming? You need an arsenal of low-calorie snack ideas to draw on in your time of need, so I asked …

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