How to Make a Lower Sugar Sangria Recipe

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Who doesn’t love a glass of sangria in the summertime?! Fruity, colorful, and with a touch of sweetness (if you use this recipe anyway), it’s the perfect summer drink. The classic version calls for sugar and is on the sweeter side, so I wanted to find a way to make my own that was only slightly sweet without the added …

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Making Charcoal Sexy! Terra & Co. Is Taking The Waste Out Of Oral Health And It’s Simply Gorgeous. Plus, Get 20% Off Now.

Terra & Co.’s oral health products are alluring. From their beautiful bamboo toothbrush, to their Brilliant Black Toothpaste and paper-packaged, bamboo charcoal dental floss, their products are the kind of thing that you’d see photographed on the sink in the coolest hotel room bathroom. I tested their line when they were just starting out a few years ago, and I’m …

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4 Ways IoT Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Jun 112019 4 Ways IoT Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry By Tim Mitchell, healthcare vertical sales manager, Advantech. Tim Mitchell From a technology standpoint, we are amid a transformative era within the healthcare industry. In a hospital setting, where efficiency and accuracy are often life-or-death matters, the increased availability of IoT devices is revolutionizing the healthcare space. In any given …

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3ina Pick & Mix Lipsticks

British Beauty Blogger

[productsample] When I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago, I found a beauty store in Harajuku where you could mix and match your lipstick and case. I couldn’t resist and ended up with a pink case covered in even pinker flamingos containing a pink lipstick! Paul & Joe have this mix and match concept locked down, but it’s …

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Do You Need To Join A Gym Or Buy Equipment To Do 12WBT?

Great news! It’s NOT necessary to join a gym or purchase stacks of expensive equipment to follow a round of 12WBT, and this is one of the most incredible parts of our Program! Most of our workout plans have 4 different exercise locations to choose from – gym classes, gym machines, at home and outdoors. This means you have total …

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What Is NEAT And Why Is It So Important For Weightloss?

NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) refers to the energy expended during moments when we are not exercising, or when we are resting/sleeping. The amount of calories that can be burned through NEAT over the course of the day varies greatly and depends completely on the amount of movement that you perform. But let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to take advantage …

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