The Best Stretches for Runners Before & After a Run (As Seen in Chicago Sun Times)

No matter where you’re running, stretching is essential. It’s especially important to do dynamic stretches before you go for a run so that your body is prepared to keep moving! It’s also important to make sure you’re doing the proper stretches to calm your muscles after a run. Stretching is an essential part of any workout routine, especially during the …

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How Autophagy Helps the Body Cleanse Itself

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A gentle detox bath is a great way to relax and remove some toxins in the body. But if you want to get serious about detoxing, autophagy is the way to go. This natural cleansing process is an amazing way to improve health and support cellular homeostasis. What Is Autophagy? Autophagy is a body process that translates as “self-eating.” The word …

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The Best Exercises for Better Posture (for the Chicago Sun Times)

Improving your posture doesn’t just give you a confidence boost – it also helps to prevent future pains! Having great posture also leads to better blood flow and a more stable upper back.  Your posture can say a lot about you. It can tell others how you’re feeling and also if you’re stressed or not. But, your posture can also …

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