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[productsample] I’ve been sitting on getting started on this post for over a week now. I don’t really know where to start. OMG (Oh My Glam) Cosmetics is a new UK make up brand that’s almost entirely based on copying well-loved brands such as Kylie, Huda and Anastasia Beverley Hills. My friend Annie was here when I started to open the package and our jaws were dropping at how blatant the copies are. But, I am not completely against dupes – brands are charging silly prices for make-up – it’s one of the most consistent complaints I hear across social media – and it’s been proven over and over that budget cosmetics can equal luxury ones. EXCEPT, The Metallicah Palette that I’m about to show you isn’t all that cheap – it’s £25 – but still under half price compared to the Huda Rose Gold at £56.

Huda Rose Gold

I did some comparison swatching (below).


The first in each duo is Huda, the second is OMG. You can see they aren’t exactly the same but pretty close, especially when blended over the lids.

OMG Cosmetics

Here they are side by side. My Huda palette is pretty duffed up now – I’ve used quite often. Structurally, aside from a slight size difference, they’re exactly the same: cardboard casings and clear lids.

OMG Cosmetics

It gets more interesting when you look at their ‘City’ palettes. The first in this line up is MAC Mischief Minx, £32, OMG London Palette, £19.99 (on offer for £14.99) and Essence Born Awesome, £7. And there is no real difference in the quality. They’re all very wearable, easily usable eye shadows that aren’t chalky or flaky although OMG’s version of the black shade is navy blue on top and black in the swatch which I haven’t come across before. So, I am not sure I understand why you’d bring something that’s a copier brand that undercuts the main brand that’s already being far more significantly undercut by more reputable, known brands. You have to ask yourself.

OMG London Palette

I’ve swatched the OMG London palette and really, there’s nothing wrong here – the shades are all good – intense where they need to be and lighter elsewhere. The quality is fine and the pigment is fine (apart from the navy that turned black).

OMG Cosmetics

So, while the powder eyeshadow quality isn’t in doubt, it’s a different story for these Glitterati Glitter Liquid Eyeshadows that stung my eyelids so much I had to take them off within a matter of seconds. There is a mis-step in the formulation and they need to go back and start again on these. In any case, aside from the stinging, they are too watery and don’t apply evenly, although if they did they’d be quite spectacular.

Oh My Gosh has highlighted what we already know – that we are being asked to pay too much for make-up in general – but put them against Essence or MUR or even MUA and we’re being asked to pay too much for OMG which sits in an unhappy middle where it is neither one thing or the other. I am okay, as I said, with dupes in general but they need to be magnificent; better even than the originals to gain any traction and to say anything at all about the brand or to even give it some identity. It’s a really mixed bag here and I’d wait for further reviews across the internet before jumping, unless you like the city palettes which, at £14.99 on offer, are good value HERE.

*all products are sent to me as samples from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated. Affiliate links may be used. Posts are not affiliate driven.

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