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Natural Synthetic Wig – Here’s How To Find A Quality Wig At A Low Price!

This post was written by Fenix, a 7 year Naturalista and wig lover.

Ever wanted to switch up your look without permanently changing your hair? Ever wanted to just have your hair instantly done before going out on the town? The answer is Wigs.

I know it may sound daunting and expensive but it truly isn’t. Yeah, if you really want a quality long lasting wig you’re going to have to give up your money for it, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on hair for a chic look. I’m a huge fan of synthetic wigs.

A natural looking synthetic wig can range anywhere between $20-$100 so they’d definitely fit into your budget. Since we’re dealing with synthetic wigs here I like to do my research before I buy them. Here are a couple of tips on how to find the best natural synthetic wig.

// Find The Wig On Youtube //

Youtube is like my personal shopper. I never buy a wig unless I see a youtube review first. I tend to watch 2-3 video reviews of the same wig to see how the wig lays on different people. The reason why I do this is because a lot of youtubers get sent wigs free of charge from the wig suppliers. This leads me to believe that they possibly send their best wigs to these few youtubers and in turn it doesn’t really represent their overall wig quality. Also you get to see what the wig looks like on different people, skin color, and head size.

My favorite trustworthy wig expert on youtube is TendyKay. She provides wig reviews and links to all her wigs. I love watching the wig in nice bright lighting and TrendyKay gives an honest review on all her wigs. She has an amazing collection of videos.

// Natural Looking Parting Space //

Parting space is crucial to a realistic wig. Some companies (I’m looking at you Friday Night Hair) have a less than ideal parting space. Typically you want to look for 3-4 inches of parting space as this looks more natural.

// Wig size //

Know your wig size! I am a part of the big head committee and terrible were the days where I’d buy a wig that wasn’t big head friendly. A small wig pulls back on the head showing your natural hairline which is a dead give away that you’re wearing a wig. A large wig on a small head on the other hand doesn’t sit snug on the head and you risk the wig not being secured. Remember girls secure the bag and the wig!

One of my current favorite synthetic wig sites is Friday Night Hair. I’ve order from them before and the wigs were great.

Here’s a Friday Night Hair Wig Review:

Natural Hair Products

This post was written by Fenix, a 7 year Naturalista and wig lover.

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