self-care sunday routine

My Favorite Sunday Self-Care Ritual

My Sundays used to be all about waking up at 8:30AM to hit-up a 9:30AM class at one of my favorite fitness studios [usually Kirsten’s Strength class at Uplift. The best]

But now? Sundays are for sleeping in.

self-care sunday routine

I am one sleepy gal these days.

The struggle is REAL some days. I wake up before 6:00AM 3+ days a week to teach [and no, I’m not a morning person]. Sometimes I don’t eat dinner until I get home from teaching at 10PM. Winding down after you teach a high energy fitness class is hard.

My relationship to sleep has always been weird. It’s just never been a priority for me, even though I KNOW sleep is an important part of wellness.

I’ve always had this attitude that sleep is for the weak or that I’ll sleep when I’m dead. There’s just so. much. to do and so little hours to cram it all in, y’know?

Trust me, I’m not proud of this philosophy surrounding sleep. Or my affinity for afternoon lattes to keep me going.

I know sleeping in one day a week doesn’t make up for the sleep deprivation I’m probably experiencing during the week, but it’s a start. And it feels like this “luxurious” self-care practice — even though it’s this totally free thing I’m doing.


Self-care can be simple

I worry that fellow influencers / bloggers / people in the wellness world have made #SELFCARE this overly complicated thing. [And trust me, I know I’m part of the problem — I write about expensive / fancy ass fitness class and extravagant wellness treatments.]

But self-care doesn’t need to be this extravagant thing. It doesn’t even need to cost $$. I know I feel this guilt sometimes that I’m not doing self-care “right” if I’m not facemasking, bubbling bathing and dropping $60 for an infrared sauna session weekly.

When my alarm went off at 10:30AM this morning it hit me: this is what self-care can actually look like. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning. Easing into my day rather than being a productive human being. I’m not waking up early to get more blog work done or running off to a workout class. I’m being a lazy ass human. And it feels really really good to give myself that permission to be lazy AF one morning a week.


Find your own super simple self-care ritual

Obviously your super simple self-care ritual doesn’t have to be sleeping-in on a Sunday. But I think it’s important to remember that self-care doesn’t have to be super complicated or expensive. It doesn’t even have to be trendy or “instagram-worthy.”

It can be something as simple as not scheduling yourself to do anything on a Sunday morning. And trust me, sometimes it’s the simple things like sleeping-in that end of feeling so so so glorious.

Tell me: What are your favorite super simple self-care rituals?

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