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Bariatric surgery is just a tool for achieving weight loss. To sustain it, it is important that you follow the dietary guidelines designed carefully by your healthcare providers.

This dietary plan aims to provide you with well-balanced meals even if your caloric intake is restricted. Following this plan ensures that you have sufficient protein and other nutrients to aid in wound healing, recovery, and to preserve muscle tissue.

Listed below is the general dietary guidelines for after your bariatric surgery:


  • All liquids should be caffeine-free.
  • Drink extra water or low-calorie drinks in-between meals to prevent dehydration.
  • Drink at least 2 L of water everyday.
  • As much as possible, steer clear of alcoholic beverages. After surgery, alcohol is easily absorbed by the body more quickly than before.


  • Eat at least 65 to 75 grams of protein a day.
  • Aim to get your protein from unprocessed or minimally processed food. Some of the best sources of protein include eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, tuna, seafood, fish, and meats.


  • To prevent nutrient deficiencies, take supplements on a daily basis. Remember to crush your multivitamins as whole pills can be difficult to pass on your new anatomy.
  • Some of the recommended supplements after bariatric surgery include: high-potency multivitamin and calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid supplements.

Dietary plan after bariatric surgery varies from person to person. It depends on different factors such as the type of weight loss surgery one has and one’s existing health condition.


If you have questions regarding your diet plan, we can help.






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