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March Intentions – Kayla in the City

I know we’re not quite done with winter yet but I am OH so ready for some spring vibes. I’m looking forward to a month of travel and hopefully some warmer weather in NYC.

Here’s what I’m focusing on this month:

intention setting

✨ March Intentions ✨

REST in California

Holy moly am I excited for my trip to LA next week. I am really really looking forward to having two days off in a row — something that hasn’t happened in a few months now.

In the past I end up stressing myself out when I’m in LA. There are SO many people I want to see and catch up with. So many fitness studios I want to check out. By the end of my trip I feel like it wasn’t really a vacation and I just spent most of it making plans. While I do of course want to spend time with friends and check out some fitness studios I also want to focus on REST. For me that means sleeping in as late as my body needs and focusing on downtime rather than jam packing my days in LA.


Embrace more SILENCE in my life

Lately I feel like I’ve been in this constant loop of filling all silence in my life. I’m constantly listening to a podcast or the playlist for my next yoga class. I realized I’m rarely allowing myself moments of silence. Moments to get lost in my own thoughts and instead I’m always filling this void with noise. Realizing this I now want to focus on bringing a bit more silence in my life, as scary as that sounds to me. I know that for me silence = space. And space is where the magic happens. So it’s time for me to unplug a bit here and there so I can listen to my own thoughts a bit more.


Take a step back

I haven’t been journalling at all that lately. I know I love journalling and it can be such a helpful tool. Lately I just feel like I’m going through the motions in my life. Checking things off my to-do list and just trying to keep my energy up during busy days.

This month I intend to take a step back and challenge myself to dig deeper. To ask myself those big scary questions that maybe I’ve been avoiding about my career and the next few years of my life. I want to get back in touch with me and not just be moving on autopilot.


Return to the idea of CONTENT

If you recall my word of 2018 was CONTENT. Being happy with where I am today. In 2019 I’ve totally lost that idea. I’ve been hyper focused on the future rather than also being happy with where I am right now. It’s okay to be excited about the future and where I’m going, but I’ve noticed it’s been making it harder and harder for me to be also okay with where I am right this second. Especially while I’m in what feels like a weird state of transition.

So in March I’m coming back to the idea of content and enjoying the now as well.

Your turn: What intentions are you setting for March?

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