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Life, Lately: March 2019 – Kayla in the City

I’m going to be that girl and say I cannot believe we’re at the end of March. I hate being a total cliche but this month really has flown by. Granted spending a week in LA helped, but holy moly here we are. It’s officially spring and almost April.

As per usual, this little life update is going to be totally scattered with random things going on in my life and swirling around in my mind. Let’s dive on in!

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Quite literally life looks like this lately:

  • Teaching 8-10 classes at Y7 every week
  • Practice teaching 4-5 Bar Method classes every week in Hoboken and Connecticut
  • Blogging on the side which includes creating sponsored content for the blog + instagram.

In all truthfulness I’ve been feeling like a total hot mess since I got back from LA. Isn’t that always the case when you come back from vacation? After coming home on the red-eye last Wednesday I feel like I’ve been playing “catch-up” to get back on track with my inbox and all the little business-y things I let fall through the cracks while I was away.

My body also was not happy to get back to my early morning teaching schedule — waking up before 6:00AM most days is hard, yo.

Last week I did my best to give myself grace. And I also gave myself a long ass nap after I got off the red-eye. This week I am doing my best to hit the ground running so I feel a little less frazzled going forward. You bet I sat down Sunday night to make a lengthy to-do lists of all the things I want to conquer this week.

fabletics joggers

Since getting back from LA I’ve also been feeling some serious anxiety when it comes to my career. And it’s something I’m scared to talk about, but also think is important to talk about. While I try to keep this space as upbeat and positive as possible, I also always want to be as real as possible. So this is me coming clean about some of the career anxiety I’ve been feeling since I got home from LA.

I’m nervous about $$

I’ve always been upfront about the fact that my teaching salary does not match what my previous salary yet. Although once I’m teaching at the Bar Method I’ll be pretty damn close. My mom [hi, mom, I know you read this] has expressed her concern about the physical demands of being a full time instructor.

Right now I’m also feeling extra antsy on the career front because there’s a lot of uncertainty about what my schedule is going to look like going forward. As y’all most likely know, I’m in training to teach at the Bar Method that is opening up in Noho [more on where I’m at with that below!] Once Bar Method – Noho opens I’ll be on a totally new teaching schedule. Not knowing that that flow will look / feel like has me totally anxious. So right this second I feel like I’m waiting. Which is tough if you like routine like me.

Okay, back to some positive vibes 🙂

Bar Method Training Update:

It’s been about 5 months since I started training to become a certified Bar Method instructor. For the past 5 months I’ve been busting my ass, quite literally, to learn the in’s and out’s and little nuances that make an amazing Bar Method instructor.

I’m super excited to share that last week I filmed my video for certification. If all goes well [fingers crossed!] I just need to pass one final exam and then I’m officially a certified Bar Method instructor. Ahhh!

You can read more about the training process to become a Bar Method instructor in my initial post about training here.

Behind the Scenes:

One of the big projects I’m working on “Behind the Scenes” is my blogging e-book. In case you haven’t realized: I’m hella passionate about blogging [and think it’s here to stay despite the rise of instagram.] I really and truly think that just about everyone can benefit from launching a blog, be it because they want a creative outlet or because they want to build their brand.

Fill out the form below to be the first to know about when the e-book launches. I’ll also be offering an early bird discount for the e-book that will only be available if you’re on the email list. And be sure to share with your friend that’s always talking about how badly they want to start a blog 😉

And you? What’s been going down in your life lately?

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