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Let’s Talk Travel Planning, On A Budget

Nothing beats new experiences, new places, new people and discovering yourself in the process. Traveling and learning about new cultures is extremely valuable and important for self development. My goal is to visit as many places as possible throughout my life. In order to do that, this goals has to align with my lifestyle and that involves planning and taking conscious actions to make it possible. When I plan a trip I focus on envisioning my goal, I write it down and think of all the positive feelings being there will bring me.

Desire To Travel Has To Be Strong:

Your desire to travel has to be strong. Usually we focus on what we want and thats what we get. If traveling is on your top list of to do’s you’ll find a way to make it happen. You’ll skip on dining out, you’ll set a smart budget, you’ll add it to your list of goals. You’ll take actions with intensions of reaching your final goal because it is important to you.

Plan Ahead:

Planning my travels ahead is extremely important. It helps me decide the best time of year to visit a location, weather, prices and how they might fluctuate over time. I plan my travels at the beginning of the year and keep those plans written down near me so I can envision the bigger picture and continue my research.

Budget Wisely and With Intention:

Budgeting is important for traveling because it allows you to take actionable steps towards reaching your goals. Budgeting at the beginning of the year is helpful, and goes hand in hand with looking at flights early in the year to have an estimate of how much to save. An automatic deposit into a “Travel account” can help you reach your goals easily.

Research and Clear Cache:

Using google to search your travels is a good way to get an estimate of flight costs throughout the year. I use google to pop in my from and to travel location, I hit any dates then search. Once the search happens google allows you to see the calendars and gives a close estimate of the flight prices for the next 6-8 months. This has been my go to tool for searching flights.

Another one has been to use the Hopper app which allows you to plan travel, see busy travels, expensive months and give you alerts on prices increases and decreases. It also advises you when to book vs. when to wait.

Any time you search for flights, or hotels make sure to clear your cache before your next search. This is the best way to make sure you are getting fresh results.

Find a Travel Buddy Who is Committed:

Finding someone who is interested in visiting great locations is a great way to reach your goals. Having someone to discuss the fun things you’ll be doing while traveling will keep you accountable and focused on your goal. It will also make it easy for you to envision yourself in that country or state having an amazing time.

But, never wait on someone to achieve these goals. My goal is to take a solo trip to another country and explore a a new city all alone.

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