Learning To Live Fearlessly: My Collaboration with Alexis Mera!

I feel like I’ve been keeping this a secret FOREVER but I’m so excited to finally unveil this project I’ve been working on with clothing brand Alexis Mera!

Let me introduce to you the fearless muscle tank, created in collaboration with Alexis Mera. Ahhh!!!!!

fearless muscle tank top

✨ Buy the tank: HERE ✨
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood


Fear is a constant in my life. Fearing other people’s opinion. What they think of me, my yoga class, my instagram, my writing.

Fear of the unknown. Is this career path possible? Will I burn myself out in the process? How will I make enough money to afford life in NYC?

And the very literal fear I struggle with. I’ve spent most of my life navigating a very really phobia of vomit. It’s not something I talk about a lot on here, but it is something I deal with every day of my life. I’ve come a long (long!) way from the height of my phobia in middle and high school. But it’s still there.

fearless muscle tank top

✨ Get the tank: HERE ✨
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

Choosing to live fearlessly

Every year I set a focus word. This year my word is CONTENT — being happy with where I am right now. 2017 I focused on staying focused. And I declared 2016 the year of living fearlessly.

Living fearlessly. Something that’s stuck with me ever since.

How often do I say no thanks to fear? Uh, A LOT. Way more than I’d like to admit!

This year I’ve done a lot of things that scare me. Going to Europe with a bunch of strangers. Teaching yoga on a retreat in Costa Rica. Auditioning at a number of big name fitness studios as an instructor. Hell, every time I teach I still hype myself to be fearless and confident!


The Collaboration

When my incredible and talented friend Alexis, founder and chief #LadyBoss behind Alexis Mera, reached out to me to collaborate on a graphic tee, I instantly knew the word I wanted to use. FEARLESS.

fearless muscle tank top 7

✨ Get your fearless tank HERE ✨
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

Oh the irony, a girl with a debilitating phobia wearing the words FEARLESS across her chest. The girl that has chickened out of a million things thanks to fear. Who am I to shout about living fearlessly?

I might not be literally fearless, but I’m slowly starting to no longer feel held back by fear. As I’ve learned time and time again: do the scary thing. It’s always worth it.

[Read more about my journey to living more fearlessly in this interview I did on the Alexis Mera blog]

fearless muscle tank top

✨ Get the fearless tank HERE ✨
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

Trust the Process

The tag line trusts the process actually comes from my former boss. I’ve always loved this mantra and reminder that things take time. Something I constantly need to remind myself. I’m super impatient and want everything immediately. Because of this I always remind myself that sometimes success is a long grind. You gotta trust the process and believe that the results (and success!) will follow.

fearless muscle tank top
✨ Buy the fearless tank HERE ✨
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

About the tank

• this tank does good: 5% of sales of the fearless tank go to Planned Parenthood. I’m excited to support such an important, vulnerable cause. I strongly stand by Planned Parenthood and their mission to provide affordable healthcare.

 American Made: This tank is designed, cut and sewn here in the USA.

• 100% sweatshop free: The factory Alexis Mera works with is 100% sweatshop free

• eco-friendly: The efficient dye machines that the factory uses saves over 24 million gallons of water a week. Any water that gets used goes through a filtration system so it can get recycled. Solar energy powers its sewing and cutting facilities and garment cutting is optimized to eliminate waste and prevent materials from going to landfills — excess fabric is recycled into other things like baby bibs or stuffing for upholstery.

• screen printed by hand with no harmful inks: Each design is screen printed by hand at a small print shop in Brooklyn using water-based ink. There are no resins or plastics, making water-based ink not only better for the planet, but it also absorbs better, so the design becomes part of the shirt rather than sitting on the surface.

tank is available in sizes S thru 2XL. I’m 5’2″ and wearing a size small.

fearless muscle tank top

✨ Buy the fearless muscle tank here ✨
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

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