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LA Vibes: All the caffeine and back to my zumba roots

Hopped off the plane at LAX…

… and immediately got a iced soy vanilla latte 🙂

This is my way of saying hiiiiii from LA. Holy moly is the weather absolutely delightful right now. I am so freaking happy to be wearing Birkenstocks. That to me is the epitome of happiness.

I arrived in LA yesterday after some plane troubles and have feel like all I’ve done since I got here is eat, drink caffeine and zumba. But I’m not complaining.


After landing yesterday my BFF David and I headed to Echo Park for thai food at Sticky Rice. We both loved our meals. I got the Gai Yang and the chicken was amazing. The Mango Sticky Rice dessert stole the show though (it’s vegan!)

David then had a meeting at Matchabar so I decided to get even more caffeine. Hey, I’d been up since 4:30AM NYC, girlfriend was TIRED. I got the iced Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte. Will definitely be hitting up their NYC store all summer long, it was so so so good.

matchabar latte

For dinner we hit up my favorite sushi spot in West Hollywood: Izakaya. I have a feeling we will be back at least 4 more times this week. As to be expected I crashed hard last night. Bless up for sleeping in today.


David wanted to hit up a cardio dance class. I’m always down for some cardio dance but couldn’t think of any studios in the area. My friend Jordan reminded me about the studio Swerve, a low key but super warm and friendly studio not too far away from where I’m staying in West Hollywood. I totally forgot about them — I actually had a membership at Swerve when I lived here briefly after college (and blogged about them here!). Turns out they had a zumba class that worked well with our agenda for the day. Count me in!

I can’t even think of the last time I went to a zumba class, it’s been a few years! Did you know I used to teach zumba classes? I did my instructor training before graduating college and planned to take the fitness scene by storm as a zumba instructor. Uh, clearly that did not happen. But I still loved teaching it here and there.

swerve studio zumba

It’s always refreshing for me to take a cardio dance class, be it zumba or something like 305 in NYC. Sometimes people can be so freaking serious when it comes to working out, I know I constantly had to remind people in my Yoga Sculpt classes to smile and enjoy themselves, it’s just fitness. Even though I’m not the best dancer these days, the zumba class was a good reminder to not take fitness so freaking seriously.

Afterwards we got lunch at Simple Things, a cute little cafe with amazing sandwiches and pies.

simple things LA

Matzoh ball soup, tots and the BBQ Chicken Sandwich 😍

This afternoon we hung out in Larchmont Village for a bit and tonight we are heading to see Cats at the Pantages. Which is secretly one of my guilty pleasure favorite shows.

In other news: Instagram has been out all day. Apparently the issue isn’t effecting everyone but yeeeeesh my account has been glitchy all day. Yes, I’m annoyed. I wanna share my LA whereabouts! But then I also remember: Kayla, it’s just social media. And a good reminder to be more present while I’m here on vacation.

Not to mention it’s a friendly reminder as to why I think blogging is both super important and here to stay…

I don’t know why when I’m in LA I feel compelled to “old school” blog like this. But maybe I’ll keep it up all week if it doesn’t feel too stressful. We shall see!


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