Keep Natural Hair Straight While Working Out

Getting a fresh blowout makes it hard to hit the gym. Curly hair takes time to straighten, and getting the perfect straight blowout is time consuming so I always want it last as long as possible. I always get my hair blow-dried professionally so I try to go as long as possible before washing it. Sounds gross, but for blonde color treated hair, which is dry and on top I’m adding heat I believe is healthier for me to last longer between washes. This gives my scalp time to create more oils and it doesn’t over dry my hair. To make my blow out last longer throughout the week days and gym days I do the following.

Wear A Headband:

I wear a tight headband or a silk scarf around my hair to keep the moisture at the front. The headband captures and soaks most of the sweat so less of it goes on my hair.

Wear Hair in a High Slick Pony or Bun / Add Dry Shampoo if needed:

If your hair is already oily, a bit of dry shampoo before creating your high pony might help. I do a high tight pony which keeps the shape of my hair straight. Since my hair is naturally curly any sign of sweat will turn my hair into curls or frizz. Keeping it pulled back maintains the shape.

Keep Hair Tied After Workout or Until Is Completely Dry:

I leave my hair in the bun until after I shower, get ready, make breakfast ect. This allows my hair to dry naturally.

Use A Blow-drier to Dry Excess Moisture:

If the hair is not completely dry or if my curls begin to take shape around my scalp, I use a blowdried to fix the edges and dry the scalp.

These tricks keep my hair looking great through the week and I don’t feel as bad for working out after a fresh blowout. This youtuber is a great example of keeping natural curly hair straight after a workout. I love how she states she wants to continue living her life even on workout days.

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