I can hardly believe I am typing these words. After almost 2 YEARS (yes, years) of (somewhat secretive) work, love, and so much of my heart, I am so freaking excited to be the first to tell you the huge news:

That my second cookbook: SIMPLY REAL EATING: EVERYDAY RECIPES & RITUALS FOR A HEALTHY LIFE MADE SIMPLE is now available for pre-sale, wherever books are sold!!

Wanna see it?! Pre-order your copy here on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target or IndieBound


I literally have tears in my eyes as I’m writing those words.

Simply Real Eating: Everyday Recipes and Rituals for a Healthy Life Made Simple, is here, in real life.

It’s the culmination of so many things I’ve been working on these these last two and a half years straight. A story of a big dream and a lot of hard work, a lot of behind-the-scenes laughs, early mornings and late nights, and a lot of life that has happened along the way, to get here, to this moment.

It’s a journey I can’t wait to finally share, in it’s entirely, as we now count down the days until it’s official release on November 19th, 2019.

So— so much more on that coming soon, over the next couple of months. So stay tuned.

But I want you to know, that wrote this book for YOU. This incredible community of humans that I feel so blessed to know and be surrounded and inspired by, daily. You. Because whether you’re an entrepreneur, a busy mom or dad, a student or seeker on a quest for your very best life, the equation is simple: eat real food most of the time, and you’ll feel better. Do it daily and with ease and intention and you will be unstoppable.

Because if you’ve been around here for a while you know that the first cookbook, The Simply Real Health Cookbook ( 2015), ignited something in me that I didn’t even anticipate: A movement. A mission. And a message that felt so needed.

That healthy didn’t have to be so hard.

That amongst the noise of fads and trends and diets, there was a more peaceful, calm and longterm way to think about your food, and ultimately to living a healthier, more balanced life. And a way to do it in real life, without hours each week. With a lot more joy. And food that was just hands-down delicious, to no matter who it was served to (and whether they knew it was healthy or not).

It changed things, in big ways and small. One kitchen at a time, one dinner at a time, one person at a time. The stories would trickle in:

Just by cooking in this more simple and real-life way, so much else started to shift in people’s lives too.

That that book was suddenly the only one you used (and that it never left the countertop).

That it changed how you looked at food.

How you cook.

Your energy.

How you showed up for yourself each day.

That you got your time back- back to the things that mattered most to you in life.

That, my friends, made me certain.

Of the magic of real food and it’s true power in our lives, when done simply and consistently.

I knew that I couldn’t stop there.

This stuff mattered. It was meaningful.

And it became the #1 thing that would get me up in the morning: teaching as many people as possible about this much easier and happier way of life– in philosophy, but also in the nitty gritty, practical daily life specifics, when things are crazy or aren’t perfect. Because there is so much juiciness there, yet to be uncovered.

About how to make food— and the act of nourishing ourselves—a simple and beautiful daily ritual & practice you can take with you through every day, week, and season of the year.

I wrote Simply Real Eating as not just a cookbook. But a life book. A personal collection of the things— habits, foods, and recipes—that have brought me back to good, over and over again. And the rituals you can create in your own day that make a healthy lifestyle a lot more effortless, easy, enjoyable, and long-lasting through every kind of season of life. 


About the Book: In this unique and welcoming cookbook, Sarah Adler invites readers to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that will actually last. The founder of Simply Real Health, Adler is your nutritionist, your life coach, and your best- friend-who-makes-the-best-food all rolled into one. With more than 100 easy #antidiet recipes to share, she makes getting healthy effortless. Her enthusiasm comes through on every page, with chapters including “Weekday Work It” breakfasts and snacks to share in “Aperitifing Is a Verb.” Recipes are all gluten-free, many with five ingredients or fewer, and have options to customize for other dietary needs. Stunning photographs of each dish make this book a pleasure to read.

Special note: Save your order # (no matter which retailer you use), and when the book releases this November, you’ll get access to some  amazing bonuses I’m going to offer with it, as a thank you for being part of this incredible Simply Real Health community!

All photographs by Carina Skrobecki, my dear friend for so many years and my talented partner in crime for this beautiful project you’ll soon hold in your hands.

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