How to Do the hCG Diet Phase 2 – The “VLCD” Phase

Putting your enthusiasm aside for a second, read on to learn how to make it through the low-calorie diet phase with energy, vitality, and stamina to get the best weight loss results possible!

You’ll begin your diet with a daily calorie allowance of 500 calories.  All the foods that will boost your energy and enhance weight loss will be listed under the approved hCG diet food list. Follow this list religiously, there is way too much contradictory information  on the internet and if you research too much it’s bound to get confusing.

So put blinders on and use this page from Dr. Simeon’s original protocol like it’s your bible for the next three weeks:


With only 500 calories permitted per day you’ll want to measure accurately the amount of each type of food you’ll consume to prevent any accidental under/over eating.

Now to address the exciting part about Phase 2…  The low-calorie diet phase is where you’ll see the most weight loss over the course of the next several weeks.  It’s important to not end the diet before three weeks nor to prolong the diet for longer than six weeks.  Following the approved food list and taking your hCG as directed will transform your body from day to day.

But don’t start celebrating just yet… You should be aware of any potential difficulties you might have during Phase 2 and how to best beat it to continue your body transformation.

While healthy fat reserves remain intact, the body is free to eliminate all the abnormal fat deposits that have been dragging you down.  It’s sent off to be burned and used for fuel and energy that helps you to feel energetic, satiated, and could even make you feel better than you have in years.

But, because every individual has unique triumphs and struggles, you can be prone to experiencing slowed down weight loss or even hit a plateau.

Don’t get anxious about that just yet.  There are recommended alternatives approved by the hCG diet to beat these hurdles if you happen to experience it.  (Refer to the Q&A section for the plateau solutions and read the posts in our hCG Diet Blog. We’re experts at managing and overcoming hCG Diet hurdles).

Throughout Phase 2, use your optimism and energy to support others while on the hCG diet. If you’re one who could use some positive motivation and support, consider one-on-one hCG Diet Coaching, or turn to allies and forums for encouragement.

The VLCD requires a concerted effort and can be best approached and completed when you’ve got lots of support behind you.

Although the VLCD consists of much preparation, concentration, and dedication, it’s relatively simple: take your hCG, eat what’s approved, and sit back and watch what happens.  It’s the best recipe for weight loss.  Enjoy!

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email me now.

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