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Josh’s Results

Day 1

Weight- 190 lbs

Stomach- 38″

Body fat%- 24.27%

12 Week Later

Weight- 166 lbs

Stomach- 33″

Body fat%- 13.9%

Josh’s Testimonial

My job had always been physically demanding which helped keep my weight in check. Over the past few years my job has become less physical and in turn I had gained some weight. I needed a change and knew I needed some help doing it. My wife has done two programs through Hitch Fit and had awesome results. So I decided to give it a try.

I did a three month Lose Weight Feel Great program . Most of this was done while working 55+ hours a week. The program is challenging but achievable. Micah provided me with all the information needed to succeed.

Immediately my weight started to drop but the main thing I noticed was my increase in energy. Overall I lost 24 lbs, 5 inches off my waist, and dropped my body fat over 10%. All of this was done working out at home.

Program Choice: Lose Weight

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