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Anyone traveling anywhere fun this spring? I feel like I’m traveling A LOT in the upcoming months by my standards:

  • I just got back from spending a week in LA soaking up all the sunshine 🙂
  • later this month I’m going on a cruise to the British Isles with my parents
  • right after the cruise we head to the beach in North Carolina to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.
  • and then Memorial Day Weekend I have another cousin’s wedding in Baltimore.

I rarely leave NYC so it’s kind of crazy for me to think about ALL that travel I got coming up this spring.

healthy spring break

Back when I first started this blog I used to be really strict with myself about working out when I travel. I have memories of waking up super early during trips to Disney World, San Diego and London so I could squeeze in a workout before whatever fun adventures were happening the rest of the day.

For these upcoming travels I don’t plan on doing that. Sleep is far too important to me these days for one.

healthy spring break 5

Nowadays I keep things super simple on the health front when I’m traveling rather than driving myself crazy with early wake-ups to squeeze in a workout. Some things I always try to do instead:

I WALK as a way to explore wherever I’m visiting.

When Jeremy and I visited Chicago we walked EVERYWHERE to save money on Ubers. Holy moly did we walk a lot while we were there. We both loved it, though, because it allowed us to see more of the city. Even when I’m in LA, which is not known as a walking city, I always try to walk from Point A to Point B to save money on Ubers and get my legs moving. What can I say, I’m a total New Yorker and like to walk!

I bring snacks from home

When I’m traveling I don’t pack an elaborate amount of food, but I do pack the essentials for snacking. I’m a huge fan of the individual packets of cashews from Trader Joe’s and always always always have a pouch in my purse when I’m on the go. I’ll also pack power bars and little packets of peanut butter to spread on toast in case there’s only cream cheese or butter at a breakfast buffet.

I travel in yoga pants + sneakers to save room in my suitcase

If I know I’m going to workout wherever I’m heading (like in LA where it’s a fun way to meet up with local friends!) I make sure to fly in my yoga pants + sneakers to save room in my suitcase. I also will plan my outfits around yoga pants: I’ll bring some cute tops that work with yoga pants and then reuse the pants for my workout the next day.

I find a fun fitness class exclusive to where I’m traveling

I’m not against working out on vacation, but if I’m going to do it I like to make it fun and worth my while. As someone that loves group fitness classes I love to check out the cool hip fitness classes wherever I’m visiting.

I drink lots of water

I’m always a pretty well hydrated gal, but I’m SUPER obsessed with hydration when I travel. During long days at Disneyland I make it a goal to finish at least 2 water bottles (and drink a few glasses of water with every meal!).

I don’t stress about it

Reminder: Travel is only temporary. It’s not a forever thing. And I know for me I’ll get back from my travels super excited to dive back into my normal kale and Bar Method filled life. I don’t stress about not working out on vacation because I know it’s only temporary.

healthy spring break 1


SWEATSHIRT // Coeeze Cropped Sweatshirt //  My crewneck sweatshirt obsession is REAL. I’ll definitely be traveling with this one as a cozy options to wear on the plane.

SHOES // Nizza Slip-On Shoes // Sometimes you can’t be bothered with shoelaces! I wear these slip-on shoes when I’m heading out to teach or to take a barre class but I like that they also work with jeans.

healthy spring break 3

Thank you adidas for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Kayla in the City and for making this blog possible! 

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