Golden Milk Latte - Simply Real Health

Healing Golden Milk Latte Recipe

Golden Milk Latte - Simply Real Health

Relationship to coffee: IT’S COMPLICATED: Anyone else? I mean, coffee would be the easy way out FOR SURE. A nocturnal newborn + round the clock nursing and you’d think the coffee would be a be a necessity. But since being pregnant, (and maybe more importantly- since my body doesn’t do great with it everyday), I’ve given it a 9 month rest. And it’s felt great.

And now, I’m wanting to save it— for when I really need it. Playing the long game, especially with this little one over here. So for now, I’m just focusing my bevvies on what it really needs: healing and nutrient density so my body can keep up over the short term shot of adrenaline. Am I saying to feel bad about your coffee intake? Not at all. If you love it, have upgraded it to as much of real food as you can, do great with it and it’s working for you then GREAT, but if not, it might be worth changing things up— and not being miserable doing it.

Truly, there are so many options. Like this healing and anti-inflammatory turmeric latte I’ve been doing as I rest & heal up over here.

My fav combo as of late:

Heat milk & water in a saucepan first, then and add it with the rest of the ingredients in a blender. Blend until frothy.

Looking for more healthy bevvies to warm you up this winter? Be sure to check out my full Winter Bevvie Guide!

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