hCG Diet Phase 1 – The “Loading” Phase

The Details of Phase 1 of the hCG Diet

The purpose of Phase 1 is to eat as many nutrient-dense calories as possible throughout your two loading days. Don’t get too excited just yet since it only lasts 48 hours. You’ll want to consume as much high-calorie, healthy-fat foods to start off the fat-burning process in high gear.

Below, you’ll find an excerpt from Dr. Simeon’s original hCG Det manuscript Pounds and Inches Away, where he gives the complete directions on Phase 1. While most clinics adhere to his instructions verbatim, as a certified life coach I have a few issues which (I’ll present as comments) therein.

Gain Before Loss

Patients whose general condition is low, owing to excessive previous dieting, must eat to capacity for about one week before starting treatment, regardless of how much weight they may gain in the process. One cannot keep a patient comfortably on 500 Calories unless his normal fat reserves are reasonably well stocked. (What this means is that if you have a damaged metabolism, you’ll need to extend your loading days for up to a week to adequately prepare your body for Phase 2.  


Excessive yo-yo dieting can wreak havoc on your metabolism and lead to Metabolic Syndrome.  Metabolic Syndrome is a term for any number of factors which can include insulin resistance, leptin sensitivity, and other physiological factors that affect your body’s ability to burn fat for fuel. If you’re not sure this is you take our 30-Second test. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions. Consider extending Phase 1 a few days before you start your injections and continue for 2 days after your first hCG shot.)


It is for this reason also that every case, even those that are actually gaining must eat to capacity of the most fattening food they can get down until they have had the third injection. It is a fundamental mistake to put a patient on 500 Calories as soon as the injections are started, as it seems to take about three injections before abnormally deposited fat begins to circulate and thus become available.


We distinguish between the first three injections, which we call “non-effective” as far as the loss of weight is concerned, and the subsequent injections given while the patient is dieting, which we call “effective”. The average loss of weight is calculated on the number of effective injections and from the weight reached on the day of the third injection which may be well above what it was two days earlier when the first injection was given.

Most patients who have been struggling with diets for years and know how rapidly they gain if they let themselves go are very hard to convince of the absolute necessity of gorging for at least two days, and yet this must be insisted upon categorically if the further course of treatment is to run smoothly.


Those patients who have to be put on forced feeding for a week before starting the injections usually gain weight rapidly – four to six pounds in 24 hours is not unusual – but after a day or two this rapid gain generally levels off. In any case, the whole gain is usually lost in the first 48 hours of dieting. It is necessary to proceed in this manner because the gain re-stocks the depleted normal reserves, whereas the subsequent loss is from the abnormal deposits only. (I’ll reiterate, do NOT hold back with your eating during this phase. It will make the difference between complete success or struggle.)


Patients in a satisfactory general condition and those who have not just previously restricted their diet start forced feeding on the day of the first injection. Some patents say that they can no longer overeat because their stomach has shrunk after years of restrictions. While we know that no stomach ever shrinks, we compromise by insisting that they eat frequently of highly concentrated foods such as milk chocolate, pastries with whipped cream sugar, fried meats (particularly pork), eggs and bacon, mayonnaise, bread with thick butter and jam, etc. (Here’s where I’ll interject… Do over-indulge on your favorite foods however, understand that this is not merely a “junk food fest.” Be very certain to eat the majority of your calories from nutrient-dense foods with ample protein and lots of healthy fats: grass-fed meat from large ruminant animals like beef, bison, lamb, pasture-raised pork etc. Copious quantities of healthy fats like avocado, grass-fed butter, coconut and refined MCT oils. Along with plenty of healthy carbs from sweet potatoes, yams slathered in grass-fed butter.)


The time and trouble spent on pressing this point upon incredulous or reluctant patients is always amply rewarded afterwards by the complete absence of those difficulties which patients who have disregarded these instructions are liable to experience. During the two days of forced feeding from the first to the third injection – many patients are surprised that contrary to their previous experience they do not gain weight and some even lose.


The explanation is that in these cases there is a compensatory flow of urine, which drains excessive water from the body. To some extent this seems to be a direct action of HCG, but it may also be due to a higher protein intake, as we know that a protein-deficient diet makes the body retain water.

No, you haven’t accidentally been re-directed to some other page in cyber-Heaven.  Here’s how the chemistry works between you, food, and HCG in the first two days by loading up on high calorie-dense foods.

HCG is extremely effective when there’s large amounts of available adipose tissue (fat).  By loading up on calorie dense foods during the loading days, you’re allowing HCG to enter your system to be ready to aid weight loss by the time it becomes effective.

The loading days ensure that your healthy fat reserves are replenished and intact.

Once this is accomplished, the body immediately allows the release of fixed, abnormal fat deposits, i.e. the fat that makes you flabby.

Overloaded glycogen stores plus the release of fat-burning hormones equals a high and intense metabolic rate to start off your HCG fat-burning diet.  You start off strong from the very beginning to keep up the fast rate of weight loss throughout the entire program as you support your goals with all the phases of the HCG diet.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email me now.

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