Focusing On the Small Wins

The last two weeks kicked my ass. THERE. I said it.

I’ve been dealing with some recurring mystery body ailments since before Halloween. The body ailments have made teaching yoga classes in a heated room painful. Because of this I subbed out a bunch of my classes last week and had to make a pitstop in Westchester to see my doctor.

This week my refrigerator died. Granted I don’t cook all that much. But it’s still a total pain to deal with. I didn’t realize how much I love the ritual of cooking lunch until it wasn’t an option this week.

I’m fully aware that non-life threatening ailments and a broken refrigerator ain’t exactly the end of the world. But yeesh they’ve definitely messed with my work flow, routine and sanity.

the small wins

As this week comes to a close I’ve been focusing on the positive. Even though I’ve been feeling like a the hottest hot mess, what are the small wins of the week? I know for me so often I only focus on BIG wins. Did I tackle my to-do list? What major things did I accomplish this week?

But the small wins count too.

small wins

▶︎ I attended an amazing event this morning with Kait Hurley. Kait Hurley created a workout website and now app KAIT that combines movement and meditation. I’ve been following Kait’s career for a little while now — she’s been on a few of my favorite podcasts — and I felt totally starstruck at the event this morning. Every so often as a blogger I have these surreal moments of holy moly someone I admire noticed me and the work I do. And this morning was one of those moments for sure. Sometimes as a blogger / instagrammer it feels like you’re jus talking to yourself on the internet 😂 but people really are listening!

▶︎ I’ve taught 11 classes this week. Two years ago I taught yoga 1-2 per month for special events. I dreamed of teaching one weekly class. Now I’m consistently teaching 9, 10 or 11 classes a week.

▶︎ I got super helpful feedback from one of my teaching managers. As scary as it is to have a manager come take your yoga class, I’m always SO grateful for the feedback.

I’ve been having a few “imposter syndrome” moment lately as a yoga teacher, those icky feelings that I am not qualified or capable enough to teach this stuff. But getting evaluated reminded me that while there’s always more to learn and refine, I am in fact a capable, qualified yoga teacher. I definitely needed this confidence boost.

▶︎ My voice is almost back to 100%! It’s a freaking MIRACLE. I can be my loud, ridiculous self again!

▶︎ I’m excited about future things that are in the works. Is it too soon to be excited for 2019? I feel like I’m in the weird stage right now where a lot of exciting things are starting to come together for 2019. Exciting job opportunities as an instructor and blogger.

I can’t spill all the tea just yet, but right now I’m working on a new fitness certification that I am SO excited for. It’s definitely been time consuming on top of everything else that’s been going on, but I’m feeling confident about my decision to pursue this path. Any guesses what it is?

▶︎ I’m celebrating 7 years of blogging TODAY. Yes, today is Kayla in the City’s 7th birthday!!!! I tried over and over again to right a mushy blog post about how life changing blogging has been for me (really, it has!) but I don’t have it in me this week. Maybe next week 🙂 What I will say is:

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 7 freaking years and I’ve stuck with it.
  2. Every day I’m so happy I decided to press publish on that first blog post. Even though I didn’t know what this blog would become. Even though I didn’t have a plan or a clue about what it took to run a blog as a business. I’m proud of young Kayla for deciding to just freaking do it.

I’ll [hopefully] put together some more coherent words next week. But for now a huge thank YOU to all of you that have been a part of this blog and community.

Your turn: What are your small wins this week?

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