Hey ladies! Think you can’t get Fit over 40? Think again! At Hitch Fit we work with women over age 40 (and in their 50’s an 60’s!) and help them get in the best shape of their lives. You will work with Fit over 40 Hitch Fit co-owner Diana Chaloux – LaCerte! Since 2009, Diana and her husband Micah have been aiding women over age 40 to get in the BEST shape of their lives. Even with the challenges that come from turning 40, you can have an amazing transformation just like our Hitch Fit Online Personal Training clients in the photos below!

Your Coach – Fit over 40 – Diana Chaloux – LaCerte

Fit over 40 women - Diana Chaloux - LaCerte


Get signed up for your plan now, and learn how to eat and exercise in order to get the results that you have always wanted. Need help choosing your plan? Write to your coach Diana at [email protected] !

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