Fit and Healthy Over 40

Fit and Healthy Over 40

lose 30 pounds

Troy’s Results

Troy took his body and health to the next level losing 34 lbs , 8″ off his stomach and nearly 14% body fat in 12 weeks.  So proud of you Troy.


Starting Weight – 204 lbs

12 Weeks Later- 170 lbs

Starting Stomach- 42″

12 Week Stomach – 34″

Starting Body Fat%-  28 %

12 Week Body Fat%- 14.6 %

Lose Belly Fat

Troy’s Testimonial

My wife and I had heard about Hitch Fit from a friend of ours that had done Hitch Fit so we decided to try it, I am so glad we did!!

I will be honest with you the food / diet side was a cakewalk for me. However, in the beginning I did not like the weight training side, because I was expecting it to be harder for me. I have done weight training for years now and I believe that is why I was feeling that way. I was losing weight quickly so I stuck with it. After the first 4 weeks the weight training got better for me and I was more into it. The cardio side of it took a few weeks and then it was also pretty easy. You don’t have to run or jog to make it work, I did a fast pace walk.

Lose Back Fat

I could not get all the meals in, I tried to but felt like I was forcing it so I got everything in I could. Your friends will notice a difference pretty fast!! I am not much on doing write up, but I hope this helps someone that may be on the edge trying to decide whether or not to do the program.  I highly recommend doing this program, I call it a program but it is more a lifestyle change!! If you do it and stick with it you will not regret it, in the time we have done it we have had a lot of people ask us what we are doing.  People will notice all of the hard work and effort you are putting forth. Micah is really great to work with and gets back to you, I really believe that even after you are done he will answer a question for you if you have one. I will put it this way I am not done with Hitch Fit, I am getting ready to do the build muscle program. Stay tuned for future pictures to see how well this all works.

Please get the program if you want to lose weight and get into shape, it works!!!!!




Program Choice: Couples Bootcamp


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