Dealing with Busy Seasons in Life

I’ve been riding the struggle bus lately. But I’m scared to admit it. Scared that admitting struggle means I can’t handle this lifestyle and career I so desired.

Who am I to complain about being busy? I know people working way harder and way more hours than me. They have the right to feel busy. But not me.

My life is in a busy season right now. I’m teaching more classes than I ever have before. My body is under a lot of stress thanks to early wake-ups and teaching in a heated room (where I sometimes demo burpees and ALL the push-ups). Medically I’ve been dealing with some recurring, still undiagnosed, body ailments. And I’m in an intensive training program to start teaching at a new studio. While I’m loving the training (and can’t wait to share all the details with you soon!) it’s been a lot of work. A LOT of memorizing and a lot of meetings every week to practice.

While I juggle all these things I knew somethings gotta give. And that something has been this blog. Much of my free time has been devoted to memorizing this new-to-me class script. But even during the pockets of time that I can sit down and write, nothing comes out.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up a new post in WordPress only to give up after writing a few sentences. I’m shocked I’ve even been able to even write all of the words in this post. Whenever I sit down to write a blog post, I don’t feel like my most sparkly, creative, inspiring self. And who wants to read a blog post on a wellness blog in which I bitch and moan about life?

I’m tired. Constantly frazzled. And bit overwhelmed by all the things on my to-do list. The sponsored posts I really need to photograph but never seem to have enough time during daylight hours. The newsletter I need to put together for Holistic Happening but don’t have the brain power to do (oh hey, we’re hosting a Vision Board workshop in December 😉!).  And my inbox is always a shit show.

So much to do, and it seems there is never enough downtime in my awkward work schedule. All I want to do is take a nap or sit on the couch and watch Top Model.

This too shall pass.

Or at least this is what I keep reminding myself. I won’t always be in training. My schedule as an instructor is starting to come together and I won’t be running around as much. This busy season: it’s not forever.

And thank YOU for your patience as I’m a bit slower on the blogging front. I adore blogging and promise I’m still here to share my thoughts and ridiculousness. It just might be at a slower pace than usual while I’m in training mode.

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