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Collosol Water Milk Cleanser

I’m trying really hard to remember exact consistency of the Anne French Cleansing Milk because the smell of Collosol reminds me of that – slightly sweet, citrussy and milky all at the same time, but I just don’t remember whether AF was as watery as Collosol.

Collosol Water Milk Cleanser

Collosol is really very watery – there is no substance to it at all. It feels like a particularly liquid essence on the skin… softening and gentle. It’s a cleanser so if you like a cotton wool pad swipe around, it’s perfect for that – I used it on a make-up day (removed everything and with a little persistence even my Benefit mascara) and a no make-up day. The no make-up day was more revelatory because it still picked up a veil of grime. That’s the downside to cleansing balms – no satisfactory cotton wool circle of shame because it’s just not the same on a flannel.

Composition wise, water is right at the top of the ingredient list, followed closely by castor oil, phenoxyethanol (preservative; not everyone likes it) and so on until glycerin about sixth in. Glycerin is an excellent cleanser (you can still buy glycerin and rosewater at Boots) so I see why it performed so well. Although it’s been around in France since about the beginning of time, it’s arriving into the UK for February at John Bell & Croydon or I did find it on Amazon but it seems more expensive – I guess it depends how long you feel you can wait! A small, 100ml, is rrp £9.50, 250ml, £14.50 and 400ml (the colossal Collosol) £20. If you have Karl’s riches, Mr Lagerfeld is reported to slosh it into his bath for softer skin – I don’t know if that makes me shudder or smile.

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