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Collagen Benefits on Hair, Nails & Skin.

Collagen benefits are many. I first started adding collagen to my supplement list about one year ago when I discovered HUM Nutrition – Collagen Love. I added 1-2 tablets daily to my supplement routine. Once I finished the bottle I tried NeoCell Super Collagen Powder by adding it to my green juice and I have not stopped using it since.

HUM Nutrition - Collagen Love - Skin Firming Support, 90 Capsules

I’m currently supplementing on the NeoCell Super Collagen C Type 13 capsules and I do 1-2 daily. I have really seen the benefits of this product in my nails and hair. My nails are stronger (I get acrylics and my nails under grow intesily fast now. Even my nail lady has complimented how much stronger my toe nails and hand nails are. No excessive nail breakage now.)

NeoCell Super Collagen C Type 13, 250 Count,Pack of 1

Collagen Benefits, Hair, Nails and Skin:

I’ve noticed my hair is stronger and since I color it ofter the benefits of stronger hair have really come in handy.

I honestly think the collagen has had a great positive affect on my skin. Even though is hard to tell since I’ve focused on keeping my skin care routine on point, my skin is supple and looks healthy and hydrated. The benefits of supplementing with collagen are better visible in the long run and I’m not planning on stopping. I’ve read of other bloggers who’ve been drinking it for years, and totally recommend it as they age better and their skin has looked amazing over the years.

What is Collagen:

Collagen is a protein that is a key component of our skin. It’s found in our bodies already in muscle, bones, digestive system and tendons. As we age our body starts to make less and less collagen. Collagen can also be found in cuts of meat that contain skin or bone.

Benefits of Drinking Collagen:

A recent studied showed that oral supplementation of collagen pepstasides effectively boosted the skin hydration and boosted collagen density.

  1. Increased skin elasticity & signs of aging: As we age out bodies production of collagen goes down – hence looser skin & wrinkles. Drinking collagen can improve skin elasticity and skin moisture and regeneration of skin.
  2. Improves digestion:Collagen has been shown to improve digestion by helping repair the sensitive lining in our stomachs and improving the hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes it easier to digest foods
  3. Strengthen hair, skin & nails.

The Hum supplement contains three different types of collagen, peptides, and Vitamin C to keep your skin looking younger.

I’m loving the NeoCell Super Collagen Powder – 6,600mg Collagen Types and have found amazing reviews online. A combination of Types 1 & 3 hydrolyzed collagen peptides, Super Collagen + C.

Have you tried collagen?

Thank you to HUM Nutrition for allowing me to try this product. All opinions are my own.

I am not a nutritionist so please always check with your doctor before trying out any supplements. Any questions you may have concerning your use of supplements should be directed to your healthcare professional.  The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician, dietitian or other health care professional.

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