Healthier Party Canapé Ideas

In collaboration with Nairn’s. Stuck for ideas for what to serve your guests at your next party or get together?  These healthier canapé ideas are so effortless and quick to make that you’ll be able to put your feet up as you wait for your guests to arrive rather than getting stressed out in the… Read More » The post …

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How Can Obese People Exercise

We hear a lot about obesity these days, and the usual solutions range from gastric bypass surgery to the inevitable plea for diet and exercise. But with all this attention, there’s one aspect of obesity no one’s really talking about. Besides the obvious challenges of being overweight or obese in our world, when it comes to exercise, plus-sized people have …

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Here’s How to Tell if You Have a Cold or the Flu

Your nose is dripping like a leaky faucet, your throat is sore and you can’t stop sneezing. You don’t have a fever, but you feel wiped out—like you could curl up on the floor and fall asleep. Do you have a cold or the flu? If you guessed cold, you’re probably right. But experts say that differentiating the common cold …

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Soothing Sea Buckthorn Face Cream Recipe (For Oily Skin)

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I once had a friend who had to use natural lotion on her entire body every time she showered or else her skin would get so dry it flaked. This was a very foreign concept to me, as I have naturally oily skin and almost never need lotion. When I was younger, my skin was… Continue reading Soothing Sea Buckthorn …

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Proven Health Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Talking about an ergonomic chair is talking about health because sitting correctly has become a vital issue today. Who has not spent hours in front of the computer and suffered those terrible backaches? What are these cervical problems that we have suffered more than once? And it is that adopting a bad posture when sitting leads to a series of …

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Top 11 Anti-Aging Foods to Keep You Young and Beautiful

‘Age is not more than just a number’ or ‘age doesn’t determine your capabilities’ are the common phrases which we’ve all grown up listening. Now despite […] The post Top 11 Anti-Aging Foods to Keep You Young and Beautiful appeared first on Health Enigma. Source link

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