Lavender Uses, Benefits & How to Grow It

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It only takes a brief scroll through my home remedies and DIY recipes to know that lavender is by far one of my favorite herbs. Not only is is beautiful and fragrant in the garden, it has hundreds of uses (literally). It’s the constant staple in my essential oil stash and I use it just about daily in one way or …

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BRAND NEW: The (Easiest) Dinner Only Meal Plan

  Have you ever felt like the only way to eat healthy is to: a) spend hours of your (already limited) free time in the kitchen every week, cooking away (plus the time it takes to shop). b) be a gold standing, punch-card holding member for those great (but also $15) salads everynight. Hey, how do they know your name …

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How To Maintain Business Continuity and Compliance During An Emergency

May 92019 How To Maintain Business Continuity and Compliance During An Emergency By Paul Banco, CEO, etherFAX. Paul Banco Healthcare organizations know just how important it is to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule to protect sensitive and unstructured data such as patient records, scripts, discharge summaries, medical forms, authorizations, prescriptions, and insurance claims. However, in the event of an emergency, HIPAA …

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Chris Masterjohn on Personalized Nutrition

Decoding What Your Body Really Needs with Chris Masterjohn PhD

256: Decoding What Your Body Really Needs With Chris Masterjohn PhD &nbsp All of my years of health research have led me to one conclusion: there’s no one-size-fits-all prescription for good health. Each of us needs a personalized approach when it comes diet and the vitamins and minerals we need. The trouble is, how do we figure this out so …

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Where to Buy PhenQ – Walmart, GNC, Amazon, eBay or Official Website?

PhenQ is not a new name in the weight loss industry. The diet supplement has amazed its users which made it popular slimming supplement in a small time span. People who are interested in the product often ask us, whether they can buy PhenQ at Walmart? No! In straightforward word. The remarkable weight loss supplement is only available at its …

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Rare Genomics Institute Brings Hope To Rare Disease Patients

May 92019 Rare Genomics Institute Brings Hope To Rare Disease Patients By Romina Ortiz, COO and vice president of patient advocacy, Rare Genomics Institute. Romina Ortiz Getting a diagnosis for a rare disease is a long and often painful journey that can take an average of five years1 and hundreds of doctor visits. Sometimes, the answer never comes; conventional diagnostics …

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