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marketing ethics in healthcare

Marketing ethics have been a topic of debate in healthcare for years. Can healthcare organizations, hospitals, and practices really feel good about spending advertising dollars to attract patients? Shouldn’t patients naturally drift towards quality organizations? In today’s changing world of healthcare, some form of marketing is almost a requirement. Gone are the days when patients chose the closest hospital or …

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Governor Brown Signs Bill to Improve Oversight of Health Plan Mergers |

Last Friday, September 7th, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 595 by Assemblymember Jim Wood which institutes stronger state oversight over health plan mergers, in a big win for patients and the public interest. With concerns about rising premiums, fewer choices, and competition in health insurance, Governor Brown is right to protect consumers with stronger oversight of health plan mergers. Health plan mergers …

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Can sleep apnea be life threatening? – My Health Tips

Yes, sleep apnea can be life threating if not treated timely. It’s a serious disorder characterized by pauses in breathing when one is sleeping. With apnea, your sleep is always broken, and your brain is not able to decide whether to sleep or breath. Worse still, apnea can make your breath stop for hundreds of time a night, or every …

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How We Say “Happy New Year” in Different Languages?


Happy New Year 2018 being celebrated all over the world. Different countries and parts of the world have different cultures & languages, and this is what leads to a variety of style of celebration of New Year… Find here link: May this coming New Year bring more joyful moments and succes in your life 🙂 Warm Wishes from: – Delta …

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Medical Staff Training 101: Management vs. Leadership

medical staff training

You and your team carefully screen all job candidates to make sure they’re a good fit. After a few weeks of medical staff training, your front office staff knows all about your specialty or your primary service lines, and they’re a big advocate for your practice or hospital. But if you think this is the only step they need for …

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New Census Data Shows California’s Continued Reduction in Uninsured Rate, Need to Protect Progress |

New 2017 Census data released today has made it official that California has had the largest drop in the uninsured rate of all 50 states from 2013 to 2017, going from 6.5 million uninsured to 2.8 million, now down to 7.2%. The uninsured rate in both the United States and in California dropped dramatically with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, …

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How to do Perfect Dumbbell Chest Fly – My Health Tips

Dumbbells have an added advantage over fixed machines in performing fly’s exercises especially because they incorporate more stabilization fibers and muscle mass. This exercise targets the pectoral muscles, even though some of your biceps, forearm and shoulder muscles may be used. You can perform this exercise through the following steps. Step for Perfect Dumbbell Chest Fly – Starting point: Select …

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