Choosing Your Own Bridesmaid Dress: Is It As Awesome As It Sounds?

choosing your own bridesmaid dress

Yesterday I posted on instagram about my bridesmaid dress shopping woes and had NO idea it would cause so much conversation. SO many of you DM’ed me to both commiserate and offer advice. Here’s the scoop: I’m in a wedding this summer! Instead of picking out a uniform dress for all the bridesmaid we were given a [seemingly] simple criteria: Sounds easy, …

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Healthy Spring Break Tips – Kayla in the City

healthy spring break 5

Anyone traveling anywhere fun this spring? I feel like I’m traveling A LOT in the upcoming months by my standards: I just got back from spending a week in LA soaking up all the sunshine 🙂 later this month I’m going on a cruise to the British Isles with my parents right after the cruise we head to the beach …

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April Intentions – Kayla in the City

monthly intentions

Happy April 🙂 The gorgeous weather over the weekend here in NYC got me seriously craving spring. Warm weather I’m ready for ya! Here’s what I’m focusing on this month: ✨April Intentions ✨ Celebrate the wins Lately I’ve been getting SO caught up in all the things in my life that I want to “fix” and optimize. I’m forgetting to celebrate …

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From Being Raised In Poverty to Living a Fairy Tale with Maja Sly

01 Apr From Being Raised In Poverty to Living a Fairy Tale with Maja Sly Posted at 05:00h in Podcast by Natalie Jill From Being Raised In Poverty to Living a Fairy Tale with Maja Sly Growing up in a poverty all around in the middle of  violence and chaos Maja did not have the fairy tale childhood or …

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These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things // Vol. 25

cheap blue light blocking glasses

Apologies that things have been a bit quiet over here since I got back from LA. I’m in the final stages of becoming a certified Bar Method instructor (YAY!) but that’s also meant that I’ve been spending my free time this week studying for my final certification exam. Hopefully next week things will die down a bit more as there’s …

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Handling Stress and Toxic Relationships with Jennifer Shultz

28 Mar Handling Stress and Toxic Relationships with Jennifer Shultz Posted at 05:00h in Miscellaneous by Natalie Jill Handling Stress and Toxic Relationshipswith Jennifer Shultz Jennifer Shultz was just 47 years old when she started feeling chest and back pains. Her daughter, insisted taking her to the ER. Jennifer was in denial that anything was actually “wrong” with her …

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Life, Lately: March 2019 – Kayla in the City

fabletics joggers

I’m going to be that girl and say I cannot believe we’re at the end of March. I hate being a total cliche but this month really has flown by. Granted spending a week in LA helped, but holy moly here we are. It’s officially spring and almost April. As per usual, this little life update is going to be totally scattered …

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