Would I Ever Move To LA?


Did you know I kind of lived in LA a few years ago? I did a test run after graduating college and spent two months living with my friend in West Hollywood. When the two months were up I knew I was ready to head back to New York, it felt like the place I needed to be at that time. You …

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Reinventing herself at 50 with Terri Murphy

18 Mar Reinventing herself at 50 with Terri Murphy Reinventing herself at 50 with Terri Murphy Terri Murphy will be 51 this August. She is bubbly, glowing, has a contagious energy about her and is extremely fit. By looking at her you would assume that she is genetically blessed! However, when I met Terri Murphy a few years ago, she …

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How She Dropped 40 Pounds

How She Dropped 40 Pounds Standing 5 feet tall and 177 lbs, Nicole was depressed, overweight, unhealthy and had lost her confidence and purpose. While viewing a picture of herself on vacation she had a defining moment. She didn’t recognize the person she had become. Nicole DECIDED she had ENOUGH and it was time to change. She Declared it, Cleared …

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LA Vibes: All the caffeine and back to my zumba roots

matchabar latte

Hopped off the plane at LAX… … and immediately got a iced soy vanilla latte 🙂 This is my way of saying hiiiiii from LA. Holy moly is the weather absolutely delightful right now. I am so freaking happy to be wearing Birkenstocks. That to me is the epitome of happiness. I arrived in LA yesterday after some plane troubles and have …

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Burnout Guilt + Setting the Ground Rules for My Trip to LA

hopped off the plane

By the time you’re reading this I’ll most likely already be in LA. YAYYY!! I got my new sparkly shoes on. A chai latte in hand. And I’m readyyyyyy for some LA vibes. If you can’t tell I’m so. freaking. excited. As I’ve spoke about recently, the past few months have been a lot. Constantly running around from 5:30AM to 9PM …

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The New Life Promise with Isabel Price

The New Life Promise with Isabel Price I first learned of Isabel Price and Beyond diet years ago when the company and her face seemed to be EVERYWHERE on the internet! Isabel D. Price is the co-founder and creator of the wildly successful internet-based nutrition program Beyond Diet which is in its 10th  year having sold over 2 million programs …

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Why I Think Blogging Is Here To Stay

why i think blogging is here to stay

Is blogging dead? It’s a question I think about fairly often, especially as someone that’s been at this blogging thang for 7+ years. Yes, the landscape of blogging has changed tremendously since I started Kayla in the City in 2011. “Influencers” weren’t a thing and instagram was this platform you used to make your photos look all hipster-y. A lot …

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