Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition Mindset

As a personal trainer in the fitness industry, it’s pretty hard to separate myself from thinking about fitness and nutrition since it’s the world I live in. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but over the years as I dug into which foods are more nutritious and learned the benefits of regular physical movement and exercise, I’ve found it’s …

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5 – Minute Total Body Dumbbell Workout for Moms

5-Minute Total Body Dumbbell Workout

  5 Minute Total body dumbbell Workout is a quick, yet challenging, workout for new or recent moms managing a busy schedule. All you need is a set of medium weight dumbbell and a mat. Complete 10 reps of all 5 exercises, and do as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes. If you want to increase your workout, set …

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London Fitness Blog | |FafitsakeFaFitSake

Maximising training sessions isn’t only about what happens inside the gym!   Let’s start with this question… When is the best time to train? I’ve been asked this question countless times over the years and the answer remains the same – ‘when the body is at its optimal state under the circumstances’. The ‘circumstances’ I am referring to are regular …

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Is adrenal fatigue a modern day pandemic?

HPA Axis

Everyone goes through bouts of tiredness and fatigue. When workload, stress and demand on your output increases it becomes an inevitability. However when tiredness and fatigue becomes chronic, it poses a greater threat to our physical and psychological health on a long-term basis. The adrenal glands play the pivotal role within the body when it comes to stress management. The …

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Top 7 Anti-Inflammation Foods


Inflammation can cause many problems in the body, including slowed weight loss, joint pain, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, tendonitis, general discomfort, bloating, and even major disease to name just a few. Most people are inflamed most of the time and have even forgotten what it feels like to be “normal” or the way their body should be, if it were healthy. Once that …

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A Week in the EcoSport!

We’ve always been a used car kind of family. Not just Mikey and I, but even as a kid my family drove used cars. They were always great, but never had that “new car” smell or feel (except once when we leased a Pathfinder and then gave it back – it’s a funny story, but it was about a week …

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10 Ways to Add More Vegetables in your Daily Meals

10 ways to Get More Vegetables in

One of the first challenges I usually give my 1:1 coaching clients is to increase their vegetable intake. At first, I like to spend my time focusing on ADDING more to their diet than restricting, resisting, and white-knuckling through the day around food. However, increasing vegetable intake tends to be one of the more challenging tasks for many of my clients.  …

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