Nuts Reduce The Risk Of Developing Heart Disease

nuts and heart disease

Whether you’ve adopted a vegan diet or not, let’s face it, the trend suggests plant-based diets are very much on the rise. The reasons why people have started ditching the meat and spiralising the zucchini differ, however in many cases it’s for health reasons with the understanding that the human body is engineered to digest and prosper using plant based …

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Postpartum Body Image | Bonnie Lang Fitness

Hello from a gorgeous, sunny stretch of weather in Calgary! Our December weather has been incredible – not awesome if you want to ski, but with a newborn and only going for walks right now, I can’t complain – it’s been warm and mild and I’m loving it. The weather is getting me ready for our Christmas trip – we’re …

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Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Fat Loss Results After Birth

I talk to so many moms who tell me that their weight loss or fat loss results after birth do not match the effort they are putting into working out and eating right. When I first started my personal training career, I used to hear this all the time from a lot of people who had tracked calories, who worked …

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What is Chroma Yoga™? – Ste Watson Fitness

chroma yoga

In 2017 I’ve tried to be more versatile with the types of training methods I use. As opposed to solely focusing on weight training with the occasional cardio session, I decided to try a host of exercises classes across London, including pilates, hot yoga (bikram), CrossFit, bootcamps, tabata training and martial arts, to name a few. This list also included …

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Not In a Hurry | Bonnie Lang Fitness

“I’m not in a hurry when it comes to your spirit, when it comes to your presence, when it comes to your voice. I’m learning to listen, just to rest in your nearness, I’m starting to notice you are speaking.” – Will Regan What a journey it is to slow down, to rest, to notice – in every area of …

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Why Body Acceptance is Essential for Fat Loss | 3 Tips on How to Apply Acceptance

Why body acceptance is essential for fat loss

There’s been a much needed shift in the fitness industry for people living in larger bodies. From my understanding the body positive movement is geared to give people in larger bodies a safe space to feel worthy. The pushback looks like, “we’re promoting obesity,” “research suggests that acceptance encourages obesity,” and the extremest will shout, “if you’re working on a …

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London Fitness Blog | |FafitsakeFaFitSake


As a Personal Trainer in London I spend about 10% of my time training ‘athletes’ and about 90% of my time training regular people who are also holding down demanding jobs and have numerous commitments to distract them away from their fitness training routine. Sound familiar?   Whilst we would all love to be able to spend the amount of …

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