7-minute Baby Wearing Workout | BEST Exercises with Baby at Home

Today’s article includes a very simple and fun 7 Minute Babywearing Workout for new moms who want to exercise with their little one. I created this short workout so every mama can fit in movement anywhere and anytime. When it comes to babywearing, mamas tend to tuck our pelvis underneath us to support to the load in the front of …

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The Story of Lectin – Ste Watson Fitness

lectin information

The field of nutrition and subsequent dietary advice is one of the toughest to stay on top of. Seemingly every week there’s a new topic that you need to investigate to make sure your diet is optimal and not causing you long-term damage. Enter the latest spanner in your works: Lectin. Lectin has received an enormous amount of attention recently, …

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Personal Trainer, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue


Posted by PJ Glassey in PersonalSep 6th, 2016 | no responses Are you confused with all the misinformation out there? Are you tired of hearing all the conflicting opinions out there on health and fitness? It’s not your imagination. Even the “experts” rarely agree, but here is a 4 step process to get to the truth. 1.) Believe no one (including me). …

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Newborn Photo Shoot + Holiday Fun!

Hey guys! It seems like blog updates are far and few between lately, but I have some fun reviews and updates coming soon for you – it’s just taking me longer to get to them these days! In the meantime, how about some fun pictures? Before Abigail gets too old (I know she’s only just over 5 weeks but this …

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How to Stay on Track When You’re on Vacation

My daughters and I returned this week from a long vacation filled with lounging by the lake, jet skiing, fireworks, fried food, boating, and connecting with family and friends. In anticipation of the trip, I created a plan to help keep me on track with my fitness goals while I was gone on vacation. Since I’ve done a ton of …

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Are Mushrooms The ‘Superfood’ For 2018?

mushroom supplements

The rise in ‘superfoods’ over the last decade has been exponential, moving from a time where the term was relatively unknown to today, where people are labeling every other food as having super powers. But what actually is a superfood and should you believe the hype or is the term just a marketing strategy for businesses to drive demand for their …

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The Fourth Trimester | Bonnie Lang Fitness

I cannot believe it, but this weekend Abigail turned 6 weeks old, which means 6 weeks ago I gave birth, in our home, to our favorite little human. Man alive – time flies! Now that I’m more or less out of the haze of those first few weeks and we’re finding our routine and rhythm, I am beginning to move …

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