10 Ways to Add More Vegetables in your Daily Meals

10 ways to Get More Vegetables in

One of the first challenges I usually give my 1:1 coaching clients is to increase their vegetable intake. At first, I like to spend my time focusing on ADDING more to their diet than restricting, resisting, and white-knuckling through the day around food. However, increasing vegetable intake tends to be one of the more challenging tasks for many of my clients.  …

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Tesco have released an exciting new range of ready meals! Lets cut to the chase…I’m a meat eating ex rugby player. My background is quintessentially ‘typical bloke’. I come from a market town in Wales where there used to be 20+ public houses on the high street and where the drinking culture mixes perfectly with the rugby club ethos of …

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Tight Hamstrings and Lower Back Pain

tight hamstrings lower back

The back is a complex and often frustrating anatomical design causing millions of people around the world chronic discomfort and serving as a primary cause of poor exercise adherence. In 2014 the NHS declared that back pain was the leading cause of disability. The root cause of back pain can differ although common causes include skeletal misalignment, muscle tissue damage …

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Is Carbohydrate an Essential Nutrient?

Bagels and other carbs

People know about my low-carb lifestyle and they occasionally try to explain to me that the human body needs carbohydrates for energy. Or that the brain has to have carbs in order to run properly. Or that carbs are somehow necessary for optimal health. And I have yet to hear this “advice” coming from someone who is healthier than me. …

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Top 7 Most Fattening Low-Fat Foods

You probably already know by now that the whole “low-fat” revolution is the main cause for the massive obesity pandemic we have today. Ancel Keys started the myth decades ago that fat is fattening and our government took his flawed science and ran with it, causing our society (and now the rest of the world) to be fatally misinformed. What …

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Is Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

Mainstream media has launched an all-out assault on coconut oil and the gluten-free movement this week, with articles such as: 1. Everything you knew about coconut oil is wrong. My comment: How do you know what I know about coconut oil and what makes you the sole expert on the subject? 2. The debate over coconut oil can finally be put …

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Personal Trainer, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue

Posted by PJ Glassey in Eating Right, General Fitness, Health & Fitness, Members Only, Mental programming, New Research, Personal, UncategorizedNov 2nd, 2017 | 2 responses will stay here as my virtual “pamphlet” on the web, but I’m now using for my new activity because through combining the marketing talents of Beege (aka Bev), and the content creation of …

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