Burnout Guilt + Setting the Ground Rules for My Trip to LA

hopped off the plane

By the time you’re reading this I’ll most likely already be in LA. YAYYY!! I got my new sparkly shoes on. A chai latte in hand. And I’m readyyyyyy for some LA vibes. If you can’t tell I’m so. freaking. excited. As I’ve spoke about recently, the past few months have been a lot. Constantly running around from 5:30AM to 9PM …

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The New Life Promise with Isabel Price

The New Life Promise with Isabel Price I first learned of Isabel Price and Beyond diet years ago when the company and her face seemed to be EVERYWHERE on the internet! Isabel D. Price is the co-founder and creator of the wildly successful internet-based nutrition program Beyond Diet which is in its 10th  year having sold over 2 million programs …

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Why I Think Blogging Is Here To Stay

why i think blogging is here to stay

Is blogging dead? It’s a question I think about fairly often, especially as someone that’s been at this blogging thang for 7+ years. Yes, the landscape of blogging has changed tremendously since I started Kayla in the City in 2011. “Influencers” weren’t a thing and instagram was this platform you used to make your photos look all hipster-y. A lot …

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Creating True Leadership Through Traumatic Events with Jenna Ballard Phillips

Creating True Leadership Through Traumatic Events with Jenna Ballard Phillips For years, Jenna Ballard Phillips did not believe she was worthy of fairytale love, career success or financial abundance. Why would she have believed that? Although she had celebrity clients like Ben Stiller, Katy Perry and others, her low self esteem was blocking everything that mattered. Things had to get really …

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“When Are You Moving In Together?”


Jeremy and I have been together 7.5 years. Since we were both in college and before I started this blog. I don’t talk about him a ton on here or instagram. Although on Valentine’s Day I did post a photo of us for the first time maybe ever. Jeremy is SO supportive of the blog and all the ridiculous things I do …

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March Intentions – Kayla in the City

intention setting

I know we’re not quite done with winter yet but I am OH so ready for some spring vibes. I’m looking forward to a month of travel and hopefully some warmer weather in NYC. Here’s what I’m focusing on this month: ✨ March Intentions ✨ REST in California Holy moly am I excited for my trip to LA next week. I …

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