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Kesh King: Care for your Hair, King for your Kesh


Kesh King Hair Oil and Shampoo Review The other day, I went to my salon for my weekly hair styling appointment, which is something that I can’t avoid because I shoot quite a lot and that means having perfect-looking hair and makeup every day. No kidding! However, I hadn’t realized the extent of hair damage […] The post Kesh King: …

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Skin Republic Face masks – My top picks

While this is a sponsored post with Skin Republic, that in no way influences my opinion on the products. Having used some of these masks for a good while now I was delighted to collaborate with them to tell you all about what they have to offer.   2017/2018 really saw the sheet mask have it’s time in the spotlight. With so …

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Kure Bazaar Winter Colours 2018

British Beauty Blogger

Kure Bazaar Winter Colours 2018 So, it’s red three ways for Kure this winter and to be honest, red is good any time of year but I see why they’ve tied it to the colder, bolder months. I get very nervous photographing reds because it’s small fractions of separation on the colours and I worry that they won’t come out …

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Why I’ve Been Off Instagram – Anya Belle

My name is Siobhan and it’s been 42 days since my last Instagram post. A whopping 1008 hours has passed aka 15 million years if you compare that to the speed in which social media platforms move 😉 Not a single post has been shared since we hit 2018 and not once have I thought about sitting down to edit …

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Castor Oil Uses & Benefits


Castor oil uses are many and incorporating it into your daily routine can be beneficial. I’ve been using  Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil in my routine for the past months and have seen an improvement in my hair growth. In addition to using castor oil on my scalp by massaging it a couple of times per week, I’ve completely stopped using …

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Everyday things that are ruining your pores and skin.

1. TALKING ON THE PHONE  Gross fact: Your phone has more bacteria on it than a public toilet seat! Yuck! Just think, every time you press it to your skin while talking, you’re actually dumping this gross stuff on your face. This can really irritate your skin and clog your pores. Tip: Make sure you clean your phone with some …

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My Picks For Best Foundations in Green Beauty!

I love foundation!  Here’s some of my favorites from Kosas, Ilia and Inika. Kosas Tinted Face Oil Please don’t let the name scare you off.  I swear it won’t leave you looking oily!  This base is truly fabulous and I’m a huge fan of it.  Light, with an incredibly silky texture, the Kosas Tinted Face Oil gives light/medium coverage.  It’s …

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