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Aveda Cherry Almond Body Lotion

[productsamples/affiliatelink] There are so many new body products around just now – the more the merrier, obviously. I don’t know if you remember when the shampoo and conditioner launched – so unlikely for Aveda who tend to focus on more fresh and earthy botanical notes.

Aveda Cherry Almond

I’m not really familiar with Aveda Body Lotion – shampoos, yes, conditioner, body wash, yes, but lotion – I don’t think I’ve ever used an Aveda Body Lotion. You have to be invested in the Cherry Almond fragrance because it’s distinctive and no doubt divisive – you really will either love it or hate it. What I really noticed about the silky lotion is that while applying you get a lot of the cherry almond notes but after a few moments on the skin it becomes much, much more gentle. Which is really the best of all worlds – a big blast of this sugar shot to start and then nobody will say you stink of almonds afterwards! I think everyone loves the cherry part of this – it’s the marzipan vibe that divides people. Aveda products use a lot of plant and flower essences – 38 in this particular collection, including ylang ylang, tonka bean and orange – and babassu nut derived surfactant.

The Hand & Body Wash has the same fragrance intensity as the Body Lotion – I’m slightly reluctant to use it as a shower body wash because it will disappear more quickly but at the same time, I suddenly have a wealth of hand washes. Perhaps Cherry Almond should just be enjoyed in bigger doses in the bath or shower as the proper treat it is. This fragrance is part of the permanent product line up for Aveda – I had initially thought it must be limited edition because it’s so different for them. If you’re completely new to the fragrance, I’d recommend buying a tiny size Shampoo (the body products have yet to be put into mini sizes) which is £9 but if you’re all in from the get-go, Feel Unique has the entire collection, including minis, HERE . At the time of writing, Feel Unique has 20% off, but some posts have been prepared ahead of time because I’m away for a few days.

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