Announcing the 2019 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board

The Patient Leaders in our Network are our true north.  Listening and collaborating with each and every one of our Leaders helps to guide us to stay on mission.

Each year, we look to our WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board to aid us in contributing ideas and providing constructive feedback on how to carry out WEGO Health programs. We feel that our work with the advisory board helps us stay honest and ensures the Patient Leader voice is in everything we do.

As we move into another calendar year, we want to take a moment to look back and thank our 2018 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board.  We’re so appreciative of your hard work and ideas for the patient community. This group of distinguished Patient Leaders helped put into motion many exciting new resources and offerings that will be launching in 2019 for the Patient Leader Network. Stay tuned for the exciting news and details!

As we begin 2019, we’re proud to announce the members of our WEGO Health Advisory Board are a subset of our 2018 WEGO Health Award Winners. These Patient Leaders are proven advocates, influencers and experts in their field. As strong leaders in the patient community, we’re eager to learn from their experiences and put their insights to good use!

Click on each of the Patient Leader’s photos below to learn more about them and be sure to connect with them on social media.


The 2019 WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board



We cannot wait to see how this invaluable group of Patient Leaders help shape WEGO Health’s mission this year!


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