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7 defenders of the human body 👊😎

🔹Zawing. The man is yawning to cool the brain during an overload. When we sleep a little and work a lot, the body triggers a defense mechanism. During yawn, a large amount of air lowers the temperature of the brain. In addition, yawning opens the airways, enriches the body with oxygen and relaxes the muscles 💪

Nutritions with Orthomol.jpg

🔹 Sneezing is the process of removing allergens and germs from the nasal cavity. For one sneeze, you can throw into the surrounding air more than 100 thousand bacteria at a speed of 160 km / h ⠀

От Pulling is like a warm-up before training in the gym. Therefore, if you do not stretch in the morning, then during the day it will be hard to cope with even the simplest things 😴

К Soother is a warning to the body that requires you to stop eating. If you eat too fast and too much, then irritation of the vagus nerve occurs. So if you hiccup constantly, try to eat less and more slowly, chewing food thoroughly 🍗

🔹 The skin swells from moisture. The body adapts to a moist environment and increases its grip on a wet surface when you lie in the bathroom and your skin grimaces on your fingers. To put it bluntly, your fingers become clingy 🛀 🛀

🔹 Rooster skin. These pimples appear when a person is cold and when he experiences emotional excitement. Goose skin, fights like this, reducing heat generation through the skin pores 🦆

🔹Tears not only remove foreign bodies from the eye. They are also a tool for emotional protection. For example, increased tearing reduces the excitation of the cerebral cortex after injury.

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