150,000lbs! – The MVF Newsround 7/12/18

Finding out the difference between choline and chlorine, losing 150,000lbs, donating to your local food bank and secret eating: it’s the MVF Newsround!

Waheeey! Well done MVFF; we’ve officially lost 150,000 lbs. Congratulations to everyone on all of their hard work.

The Cambridge league is looking intense! After ten games, Black Jacks have pipped Dire Munchin by one goal. Burger Bremen and Blue Whales sit third and fourth respectively (but all on 12 points!). It’s looking like the Cup could be a corker.

MAN v FAT Football has also been making local news this week with two wonderful write-ups from the South West Argus and Luton Today. Thank you to Matthew Maksimovic and Chris Plummer for spreading the MVF word and well done to you both on your fantastic achievements!


In other news…

Let’s talk micros. We often hear chatter around our macros but research has revealed that despite a third of us claiming that we are interested in nutrition, huge numbers of us cannot identify basic minerals and vitamins. 29% of people confused choline, (found in cauliflower) with chlorine (easy mistake to make, no?) and some people thinking that Omega-3 was a watch brand.

Do you know your Vitamin C from K? Do you read nutrition labels – can you understand them easily? Let us know.

We’re keeping up last week’s theme of ethical choices, and basketball fans may already know about this next piece of news. NBA player Lauri Markkanen has decided to cut red meat to reduce his personal carbon footprint. Have you changed your eating habits due to environmental issues? Do you think it can make a difference?

What we’re reading

With Christmas almost upon us, have you thought about a gift for yourself? GQ has posted a guide to the best in-ear headphone of 2018. I’ll warn you, some of them are preeeetty expensive but you’re worth it, right? Think of it an investment…

Stuff also has a great gift guide here if you’re in the business of splashing your cash.

What we’re talking about over on the MAN v FAT Forum

@Kristian_Yarwood is looking for support in regards to secret eating. He’s bravely taken the first step and recognised his bad habit and is looking for advice. Encouragement, tips and tricks all welcomed here.

Novice cook @mattig89ch has shared his favourite YouTube channel for easy budget-friendly meals.

The week started on day 3 of the MVF advent calendar and editor Emma has asked us to think about those less fortunate than us on during the festive period. A few extra items in your basket could go a long way for someone who needs a little extra help this Christmas.

What we’re eating and drinking

This week the peri-peri gods have blessed us. The Nando’s Christmas special has been released this week and will be here to stay until the 31st December. What is it? It’s a peri-peri gravy. (Which I for one, am delighted by) It’s £1.25 and it’s ready to be drizzled all over your chips (or chicken, or mash, maybe not your corn on the cob but hey each to their own)

Quote of the week

“Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed.”

– LeBron James, three-time NBA Championship winner.

Lads, we’re coming up to the time of the year where temptation might get the better of us. If you slip up, don’t give up. We all make mistakes and as long as we’re learning from them, don’t panic.



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